Baha'i Wills and Payment of the Right of God - Huququ'llah

How should a person provide for payment of the Right of God in his or her will?  The starting point for questions about the Right of God is to carefully study the guidance prepared by the Universal House of Justice, found HERE.

Secondly, contact your Huququ'llah Representative. If you are in the USA please contact:

Bahá’í Huqúqu’lláh Trust
P.O. Box 697
Wilmette, IL 60091
email: secretariat at ushuquq dot org

Third, look for additional guidance from the World Centre. For example, an attorney who was writing wills asked a number of questions which were answered by the World Centre HERE.

As to general guidance on writing Baha'i wills, for U.S. Baha'is the National Spiritual Assembly has provided guidance in the form of a free downloadable booklet, "The Writing of a Will - A Spiritual Obligation." This is only accessible to Baha'is in the USA. To obtain a copy, log in to the US Baha'i administrative website HERE
with your US Baha'i ID number and password
and after you log in, click on this link .
which is visible to US Baha'is who have logged in.

Then scroll down halfway and click on the words:
Information about the Writing of a Will

and you will download the then-current version of this document. As you will see, there are other relevant documents on that page.

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