Top Ten Reasons for a Baha'i to Write a Will

Top ten reasons why every Baha'i should write a will:

1. It is a presently-binding law of the Most Holy Book

2. It has effect in this world and in the spiritual world (" in the kingdoms of Revelation and Creation" )

3. A will can keep unity in your family. Everyone will know exactly what your wishes are, and this can eliminate disputes.

4. You can provide for a trusted person to raise your minor children. In some states in the USA, the only legally-binding way to designate such a person, known as a Guardian, or a Guardian of the Person, is in your last will and testament; in those jurisdictions, no other document will accomplish this (every jurisdiction is different, you have to verify).

5. You can provide for payment of unpaid Huququ'llah, the obligation of The Right of God.

6. You can provide for a Baha'i funeral and burial.

7. You can make a gift to the Baha'i Fund. You can specify a dollar amount (“$10,000 to the Baha'i National Fund, c/o National Spiritual Assembly, Wilmette, Cook County, Illinois”); you can direct investment property to the National Spiritual Assembly (highly advisable to do this in concert with your National Spiritual Assembly, which may have specific guidance); or you can leave a percentage of your estate to the Fund (“19% of my estate to the National Spiritual Assembly”) or earmarked for a specific purpose (“19% of my estate to the National Spiritual Assembly earmarked for summer school scholarships for needy Baha'is”).

8. You can control the flow of money to family members, directing funds to be paid at certain intervals, or on the occurrence of specific events. This is particularly necessary for minor children, children attending school, children with special needs, children who are not good at handling money.

9. You can leave specific items of sentimental or spiritual value to your loved ones (favorite items of jewelry, memorabilia, Baha'i books and rings). This is also important if you want to leave anything to someone outside of your family. After you die, people can't read your mind--only your will.

10. You can sometimes reduce taxes

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